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Administrative Management


Let Us Do The Talking…

At Samson Property Management we take care of:

  • Communication with Homeowners and Renters Regarding Meetings or Other Important Issues. ┬áIncluding Proxy Forms, Prepared Agendas, Minutes of Meetings and Modification of by-laws.
  • Preparation of Annual Budgets
  • Review and Recommendation of Insurance Requirements
  • Real Time Financial Statements Online or Monthly Paper Financial Statements
  • Full Annual Financial Reports to the Owner/Board of Directors
  • Complete Tax Service from Individual to Corporate Reporting, including Payroll and Property Tax Reporting
  • Changes of Title
  • Assistance in Business Meetings Following Parliamentary Procedures

Whether it’s sending out notices or contacting someone with a by-law violation, we professionally communicate with the board of directors and the residents of the association or renter.

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