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About Us

Samson Property Management began from my own experiences with a less than reputable property management company.  My HOA was going down the tubes and we needed someone to help.  I stepped in and found out the proper way to run a Home Owner’s Association.

While running my HOA, I saw a clear need in the RGV for a property management company that ran on principals of integrity, honesty, and reliability. Combined with my beliefs, strong work ethos, and 23 years of experience in accounting, taxation, and property management, I created Samson Property Management.

If you’re like me, you want to make the right choice the first time.  Samson Property Management is the right choice.  I’ve experienced truly bad property management first hand, and it was no easy task to fix.

If you’re a new association, then the right choice is Samson Property Management. We’ll get you started on the right path to a well managed association from the start, stress free!

If you’re here because you are also experiencing bad property management, then look no further.  At Samson Property Management we’ll audit your books for errors, discrepancies, and missing funds, then correct your financial statements. Plus we’ll evaluate your tax situation and make sure your association is current on all its reporting and taxes. We will also evaluate your  maintenance needs.

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Samson Property Management can get your Home Owner's Association on the right path. Don't hesitate to talk with us today!